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My stomach just twisted into knots.

Oh my God his face of sudden realisation when he realises what’s going on, and that Sherlock is in danger. UGH MOFTISS WHY.

 #it’s like he just realized what has just happened   #he left him   #and he might be in danger   #and well he is definitely in danger   #and he just left him saying you machine   #and he realizes it was all part of his plan   #and that sherlock must’ve done it for a reason   #and that his last words to him might’ve been you machine   #and he is desperate   #and it hurts   #and he is afraid 

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BBC Sherlock’s Books & Magazines Master List 

  • This list is as accurate as possible as of 5/22/13. These are the books that I’ve caught but it’s always possible I missed some! BIG thanks to naturalshocks & anons for reporting several books that I’ve missed.
  • Please send additions, corrections, comments, questions, etc. to

Abbreviation Key:

Only epidoses with an * have books that I’ve seen/remembered/listed.

*P = Pilot
*ASiP = A Study in Pink
*TBB = The Blind Banker
TGG =The Great Game
*ASiB = A Scandal in Belgravia
*THoB = The Hounds of Baskerville
*TRF = The Reichenbach Fall
*TV =
The Blog of John H. Watson- The Visitor
*AWJ = Arwel Wyn Jones pre-S3 set photos
? = Indicates that the title is partially illegible


Sherlock’s Bookcases

The Kitchen Table

Sherlock’s Desk

The Lounge Floor

Under John’s Lamp Table

  • The New Encyclopaedia Britannica Vol 16. (Chicago to Death) + one other volume, illegible [TBB]

The Foyer (There are 2 book cases: one next to the lounge entrance to 221B, and another across from the kitchen entrance.)

  • ? probably random volumes from an old encyclopedia. [HoB]
  • Scarlet Feather by Maeve Binchy [ASiP] (I’m assuming that’s Mrs. Hudson’s!)

Taped to the Wall (over the fireplace)

The Blind Banker (see also, Books Visible at 221B)

Carriers’ Books


The Hounds of Baskerville

The CO’s office

The Reichenbach Fall (see also, Books Visible at 221B)

St. Aldate’s

Amazing and now even more thorough!

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Sherlock Sherlock Holmes

My dad's Reichenbach theory: Sherlock jumped, and when John got hit by the bike, Iron Man swooped in and saved Sherlock. This is because Robert Downey Jr. is also Sherlock Holmes, and Sherlocks must stick together.

Sherlock Iron Man Sherlock Holmes john watson